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Charles Dickens: Velké vyhlídky - anglicky

Kategorie: Evropská literatura do 20. století

Typ práce: Obsahy a rozbory děl

Další díla spisovatele: Charles Dickens

Životopisy spisovatele: Charles Dickens

Škola: nezadáno/škola není v seznamu

Charakteristika: Jedná se o převyprávění obsahu díla Charlese Dickense Velké vyhlídky. V práci jsou představeny hlavní postavy a jejich osud.


Hlavní postavy
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"When he goes to his apartment, found out that he is sharing it with Mr. Pocket, who is the little boy with who he fought when small. Both were very happy when found out. Pocket told Pip that Estella was adopted by Ms. Havisham to revenge all the bad things done to her to men. Pip doesn’t understand, Pocket explains “there was this men who made love to her because she was heiress. She fell in love and they had to marry, everything was ready but he didn’t come to the ceremony. She got a letter from him 20 minutes to 9 and that’s why her clock at his house is stopped at this time.

Pip received letter from Ms Havisham that she wants to see him as soon as it is possible. He doesn’t wait a while and goes to see her, he meets Estella there and is extremely happy to see her again. Pip goes back to London and Estella comes there too.
Pip and Estella are together most of the time. Pip is jealous of Bentley Drummel who has a great mind on Estella.

Once at night, Abel Magnitch, the convict, came to visit him and told him that it was him, who adopted him and gave him all the money. Pip found out that Abel was expelled from his country and can’t come back. Pip was little bit disappointed because he thought that Ms Havisham was the one who adopted him and she didn’t tell him the truth. He thought so because both Ms Havisham and Abel have the same lawyer."



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