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Charlotte Brontëová: Jana Eyrová (Jane Eyre)

Kategorie: Evropská literatura do 20. století

Typ práce: Obsahy a rozbory děl

Další díla spisovatele: Charlotte Bronteová

Škola: nezadáno/škola není v seznamu

Charakteristika: Práce v anglickém jazyce stručně seznamuje s obsahem románu Jana Eyrová.


Děj románu


"Jana Eyrová was an orphan. Her uncle Mr. Reed took care of her when she was small child. He was very nice to her, but he died soon. Mrs. Reed and her´s children were very bad for her. When she was older, they sent her to orphanage – Lowood monastery. She wasn´t very happy there, they didn´t get a lot of food, three girls had to sleep on one bed etc. Jana found there her first friend Helena Burns, but she died, she had tuberculosis. Jana spent in Lowood monastery eight years as a school-girl and last two years she was there as a teacher. But she was dreaming about turn in her life. She took a job as a governess in Thornfield. Mrs.Fairfax and little young girl Adelka were living there. Adelka was Mr.Rochester´s daughter. Mr.Rochester was owner of residence in Thornfield. Jana met him first time after few weeks spent on Thornfield. He was unsympathetic to her. But over time she slowly fell in love with him. He told her about Adelka´s mother Celina Varens. He loved her very much, but once he heard her talking with one man about him a lot of bad slanders. They broke up, but Adelka was born later. When he heard about it, he took care of her.
Jana had a room where she was alone. Once she heard strange sounds and horrible laughter behind her´s door. She went out and saw that from Mr.Rochester´s room is coming out smoke. She woke up Mr.Rochester and kept fire down. She thought it did servant Lada Pool.
When in Thornfield began social gatherings, she was watching Mr.Rochester and Blanka. They looked like a twosome. One day Mr.Mason came to Thornfield. Jana heard strange sounds that night again. She ran out from her room and Mr.Rochester asked her for help. He took her to Lada Pool´s room, where was Mr. Mason injured. She helped him but Mr.Rochester banned her speak to him. Next day Jana got a message that Mrs.Reed is dying. She went to visit her and they told her that her uncle entailed her all his property. When she came back to Thornfield Mr.Rochester asked about her hand. But wedding was broke, because Jana found out that Mr.Rochester was already married. He went to Lada Pool´s room and showed her his wife. Her name was Berta and she was totally crazy and agresive. Jana was very unhappy and next morning ran away. She didn´t have any money, so she was very hungry. After few days she asked in one house for a piece of bread and they took her inside. Over time she became friend with two girls and one priest who were living there. She lived there some time and learned that they are her´s relatives. But she was missing Mr.Rochester. She went to visit him in Thornfield, but residency was burned off. In pub they told her that Berta is dead and Mr.Rochester lives in his second house in Ferdean. He was crippled. He lost eye and hand in fire. After three days they got married."



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