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Different Seasons - Stephen King

Kategorie: Americká literatura od 20. století

Typ práce: Obsahy a rozbory děl

Další díla spisovatele: Stephen King

Škola: Gymnázium a Střední odborná škola pedagogická, Čáslav, Masarykova 248, Čáslav

Charakteristika: Práce je psaná v anglickém jazyce.


Title and its publication date
Author and some basic information about him
Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption
Main characters
Apt pupil
Main characters
Your favorite moment / part
The message of the book


"1. Title and its publication date
A book which I read is named Different Seasons written by Stephen King and its publication date is year 1982.

2. Author and some basic information about him
Stephen King was born on 21th September 1947 in Portland in the United States as the second son. His parents split up when he was very young, so he and his brother David divided their time between Indiana and Connecticut for several years.
When Stephen was eleven, his mother brought her children back to Durham in Maine. His uncle Clayton inspired him in writing stories, because he told him ghost stories and he took young Stephen to the cinema, when they gave the old horror movie.
He attended the University of Maine where he wrote for the school's newspaper and served in its student government.
During study at the University in 1967 King published his first short story named The Glass Floor, which appeared in Startling Mystery Stories. He was qualified to teach on the high school level. In 1971 he began working as an English educator at Hampden Academy. This year he married Tabitha Spruce, with who he had three children.
Then he continued in writing of short stories and novels in the evenings. Two years later in 1973 he published his first novel Carrie. This book was followed by other famous novels such as Salem's Lot, The Shining, Firestarter, Cujo and IT.
Until this time he has published 54 novels, including seven under the pen name Richard Bachman and has written nearly 200 short stories.

3. Genre
The book consists of four novellas. He surprised his readers because the book wasn´t written in the genre of horror, for which he is famous, but it contained more serious dramatic bent.

1. Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption
4. Setting, Plot summary
The plot is set in a Shawshank prison in the state of Maine in the USA and begins in year 1947. Andy Dufresne comes to this prison, he is sentenced to life imprisonment, although he is innocent. There he meets Red, who is the narrator of this story. He is sentenced for the murder of his wife and daughter and is known throughout the prison that he is able to get whatever you want. Andy approaches Red and asks him to procure a rock hammer because he is interested in rock collecting and carving and then a large poster of Rita Hayworth. Red fulfills Andy’s requests. Because he worked as a banker in a high position, gradually gains the favor of the guards as their consultant and advises to Norton, the director of the prison. A new inmate named Tommy Williams arrives at Shawshank and tells Andy that he served time in another prison with Elwood Blatch, a man who privately admitted to killing tennis player and his mistress (Andy´s wife and her lover). It is therefore clear that Andy isn´t killer. He goes to Norton to say him the news, but he dismisses Andy’s claims. Andy dreams of escaping, assuming the new identity and becoming the proprietor of a small hotel in Mexico. Andy also imagines Red going with him. One morning the prison guards find Andy´s cell empty. They find a gaping hole to the sewage drainpipe. Andy used the rock hammer and for twenty years carved through the wall. Red never hears anything from Andy but receives a blank postcard from a border town in Texas some months later. When is Red released from Shawshank, he worked in a supermarket and finds for the volcanic rock where did Andy hid the key to the safe-deposit box, where are hid money. There is also a letter from Andy with the invitation to visit Andy in Mexico. Red abandons his job and goes to Mexico to find his friend.

5. Main characters
Andy Dufresne- Well educated officer convicted for murder, but he is innocent. Andy is calm, cool and only rarely succumbs to emotion or cheap sentiment. In a prison he is raped and harassed. It is he who isn´t occasionally understood by people and adds hope to others. Without this strength and inner resolve, he would never have survived his twenty-eight years in prison and have founded courage to escape.
Red- A convicted murderer serving a life sentence and is the narrator of the story. Although he is killer, he is sincere, capable and honest man. Red knows that hope is what keeps him and every other inmate alive."





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