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E. B. White: Charlotte´s web (Šarlotina pavučinka) - anglicky

Kategorie: Americká literatura od 20. století

Typ práce: Obsahy a rozbory děl

Další díla spisovatele: Elwyn Brooks White

Škola: nezadáno/škola není v seznamu

Charakteristika: Tento text seznamuje s pohádkovým příběhem Šarlotina pavučinka amerického spisovatele E. B. Whitea. Práce informuje o prasátku jménem Wilbur a jeho přátelství s odvážnou pavoučicí Šarlotou. Text se věnuje popisu děje a charakteristice hlavních postav.


Popis děje a charakteristika postav


"The plot of this book is set in American country. Main character is a young pig which was very small and weak when it was born. A farmer wants to kill it, but his eight-year-old daughter Fern saves it. She gives it a name WILBUR. She takes care of Wilbur; she feeds him and plays with him. She spends with him all her free time.
When Wilbur is two months old, he is sold to Fern´s uncle, Mr. Zuckerman. Then Wilbur starts living on the Zuckerman´s farm, but Fern visits him every day. Although Wilbur meets other animals on the farm, he feels lonely. He wants to find a close friend. He makes friends with a big grey spider whose name is Charlotte.
Wilbur is a very young pig and therefore he doesn´t know why people take care of pigs. An old sheep tells him that the farmer will kill him and eat him at Christmas time. Wilbur is scared, but Charlotte promises to rescue his life. She thinks of it for a long time. One morning she weaves into her web a message. It says SOME PIG!
When the Zuckerman´s look at these words, they believe that they have a very unusual pig. They believe that a miracle has happened on their farm. The news spread quickly and lots of people visit the Zuckerman´s farm to see Wilbur.
For the second time Charlotte weaves a word TERRIFIC into her web. People believe in another miracle. For the third time she weaves a word RADIANT into her web. Mr. Zuckerman decides to show his famous pig at the Fair, because he wants to win a prize there. Charlotte goes with Wilbur and this time her web says HUMBLE. However Charlotte feels worse and worse. In the end she makes an egg sac (cocoon) and then she dies.
Wilbur wins the special prize at the fair. After that he takes Charlotte´s egg sac and he hides it in his mouth. Mr. Zuckerman doesn´t want to kill and eat Wilbur any more.
The winter comes. All winter Wilbur watches over Charlotte´s egg sac. The winter ends at last and 514 baby spiders are born! Most of the baby spiders leave the farm, but three of them stay here and make their own webs. They become Wilbur´s new friends."



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