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Ian McEwan: Cizinci ve městě (The Comfort of Strangers)

Kategorie: Evropská literatura od 20. století

Typ práce: Obsahy a rozbory děl

Další díla spisovatele: Ian McEwan

Škola: nezadáno/škola není v seznamu

Charakteristika: Tato práce ve formě souvislého textu charakterizuje McEvanův styl, věnuje se ději, vyprávěcí perspektivě a tématu knihy Cizinci ve městě. Toto dílo také srovnává s autorovou dosavadní tvorbou.


Vyprávěcí perspektiva
Téma knihy


“For the most part the book is written from the perspective of a third-person narrator, however, with the perspective often shifting between Mary and Colin. There are both Colin´s and Mary´s perspective of third-person narrator. Mary´s narration is very prominent in her description of Colin´s body while he is asleep, or at the very cruel end. Under the influence of the drug that Caroline gives her, she “gazed at Colin. He was walking towards her, full glass in hand, as though in slow motion.” (CS, 116). Through Mary´s eyes we can follow scenes very closely and like her becomes and unwilling witness of Colin´s murder. It seems that the story is more often narrated from Mary´s perspective, as she is more active and competent one, while Colin remains rather passive throughout most of the story, and in his role of victim is more often described by others. They sometimes look at the same things as in the instance when they see Robert for the first time. “…a man over two hundred feet away with his back to them…,dropping his cigarette as he came and treading on it without looking down” (CS, 52). Colin and Mary watch this scene as a film. Although they recognize Robert, they do not stir. In opposite to their perspectives there is a very distant objective narrator, who often presents quite ordinary everyday scenes like a man wanting to take a photos of his wife, young girls and men playing volleyball on the beach, or a description of cafés, tourists, pigeons, all pursuing their normal routine. These scenes do not concern the protagonists at all, but show that everyday life continues even if Colin and Mary are desperate, exhausted or struggling. These descriptions like the whole story are presented in a very distant way without any emotions or comments and illustrate that while a brutal murder can happen, the world goes on as normal."



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