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Jennifer Bassett: William Shakespeare - anglicky

Kategorie: Evropská literatura od 20. století

Typ práce: Obsahy a rozbory děl

Další díla spisovatele: Jennifer Bassett

Škola: nezadáno/škola není v seznamu

Charakteristika: Práce nejprve krátce shrnuje obsah knihy William Shakespeare Jennifer Bassettové a poté blíže sleduje její děj.


Shrnutí obsahu


"This book is about the famoust playwright, about his life, his friends, his plays and his family.
Every story tells Toby, younger Will's friend. He's telling about Will's life, about his family and mainly about his plays and about theatre. Toby says all this as reflection, when he's eighty-three. He says: "I'm just an old man, sitting in a chair."
Toby met Will at first on field of apples trees near Stratford. They stole few apples and had to run agains apples's owner. From this time Toby and Will was friends. Will wanted to be a writer, poet writer. He was get married to Anne Hathaway, when he was 18. They had together three children: Susane, Hamnet, Judith. Will wanted to leave Statford and go to London and wanted to be an actor and playwright.
In London Toby worked as helper with costumes and other things and Will played in two plays four small parts. He worked for Queen's Man. They offen changed theatre companys. He started to write his own plays. He wrote more and more, but mainly better and better plays. He wrote plays very fast as nobody before. He never wrote the same play twice, like some writers. He always trying something new, something different.
Sometimes they had to leave London, because there raged plague. But they always came back to London and played his plays next.
When the Queen Elisabeth I. died they didn't know, if new King James I. will be support art and plays. Soon they knew. King James I. appointed Will and his company as King's Man. They played for King and King paid him very good. Will bought new big house in Stratford for your family. He called him New Place.
In London they builded new big theatre: The Globe. But the Globe was burned, when they played there.
Ones, when Will was on the party, he caught a fever and then rode home through the cold spring rain. When he cames back to New Place, he didn't feel good. He died on 23rd of April 1616."


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