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Jerome Klapka Jerome: Tři muži ve člunu - anglicky

Kategorie: Evropská literatura do 20. století

Typ práce: Obsahy a rozbory děl

Další díla spisovatele: Klapka Jerome Jerome

Škola: nezadáno/škola není v seznamu

Charakteristika: Práce stručně charakterizuje knihu Tři muži ve člunu a shrnuje její děj.


Krátce o autorovi
Charakteristika knihy



Jerome K. Jerome (1859 – 1927)

Wrote many successful novels and plays. He loved boats and the river Thames, and his most famous and funniest book, Three Men in a boat, is about his own experiences with his friends.

This is not one of those Great Travel books: it does not describe sailing across the world’s dangerous seas or a brave journey up the Amazon River. It is only a small journey, in small boat. But it is still an adventure – an adventure that you or I or anyone could experience and tell stories afterwards.

Who are the heroes of this journey? They are George, Harris, ‘J’ and Montmorency (the dog): three young men and the dog that we could meet anywhere, in any century. They fall in the river and lose things, they argue and laugh, and tell each other stories. They are full of exciting plans and enthusiasm, but they can’t get out of bed in the morning. They want to be great adventures, but actually, when it rains, they would prefer to be in comfortable chairs in front of a warm fire.

This is the story of three men and their dog in a boat. They enjoy adventures on the river, they ever learn to cook eggs over a campfire etc.
The story starts in small room, there were all of them – George, William Samuel Harris, ‘J’ (Jerome) and Montmorency – and they were talking about how bad they were ill. Then one of them said that the sea is the best for rest and a change. But George and Harris were seasick. Then George said ‘Well, let’s go up the river, then. We’ll have fresh air on the river. The hard work on the boat will make us hungry, so we’ll enjoy our food. We’ll sleep well, too’. All of them (except Montmorency) agreed with this idea and then they started to make plans. After making plans and preparations they started their holiday and this story is about their adventures in a boat.
I think it is uninteresting idea but this story is written with humor and by simple language which is understandable for every reader."



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