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Ken Kesey: Přelet nad kukaččím hnízdem - anglicky

Kategorie: Americká literatura od 20. století

Typ práce: Obsahy a rozbory děl

Další díla spisovatele: Ken Kesey

Škola: nezadáno/škola není v seznamu

Charakteristika: Tato práce se věnuje obsahu díla Kena Keseyho Přelet nad kukaččím hnízdem. Uvádí stručný životopis autora, obecné informace o díle i úryvek z příběhu. Součástí je i charakteristika postavy Billy Bibbit.


Ken Elton Kesey - životopis
Obecné informace o díle
Ukázka z díla
Billy Bibbit


"A part of the story...

I was gripped by the fishing trip and I think that it is also important for the story. The fishing trip was almost cancelled. At the beginning, it was because of lack of participants by reason that the Big nurse displayed some articles about ship accidents on the notice board and most of the patients on the ward were scared by that. Although McMurphy managed to persuade chief Bromden to come along, there were still not enough people for the trip. But on the day of the trip it was found out, that George is a fisherman. But George hated all the dirt and that was why he didn’t want to take part. Nevertheless, McMurphy managed to cajole also George and he makes him the captain of the journey. As soon as he had solved one problem, another complication appeared. McMurphy invited his two “aunts”, who were actually prostitutes, to drive the cars. However, only one (Candy) turned up. When McMurphy saw how the doctor was looking at the prostitute (she was very pretty and everybody was looking at her), he used the situation and convinced him to drive the second car and participate in the fishing trip.
As they were filling up their cars at the beginning of the trip, they met troublesome fellows at a petrol station. McMurphy saved the situation again and what is more he encouraged his friends. They were feeling more powerful again. Even though they knew that it was all dissimulation, it still helped them to feel better. Harding realized that mental illness has the aspect of power and which means that the more insane a man is, the more powerful he can become. When they reached the docks, McMurphy had a quarrel with the captain who wanted to refuse them. While McMurphy was arguing with the captain in his office, a bunch at the dock asked Candy, whether she was also insane or whether she was a part of the medical care. Men from the ward weren’t able to do anything to defend her. Suddenly, McMurphy ordered to shove off immediately while the captain was calling for the boating permission but the number that he got from McMurphy was to a whorehouse. They shoestring got away from the captain.
And so they at last set sail. Billy Bibbit was fishing together with Candy. Candy got hurt when she was losing the control over her rot. And at that time, a breakthrough turned up. Till now nobody (except for McMurphy) could heartfelt grin, but this time everyone started to laugh and even fall about. I like this moment very much. Then Billy and Candy went to the fore ship to have a chat. Suddenly Billy noticed a large white fish in water on one of the fishhook. Scanlon said that it was the fish of the doctor. Almost everyone doubted they would manage to get that fish on the deck. After one long hour, the fish finally lay on the board. Dr. Spivey was beneath it and struggled for air.
On the return journey, McMurphy narrated some spectral stories about sharks and drifters. Near the cost, George ordered to take on life jackets. However, three were missing. George artfully docked and there were already two policemen waiting with the captain on the shore. After the ship’s company disembarked, captain and policemen were about to quarrel:
”The doctor carried the fight to them by first off telling the cops they didn’t have any jurisdiction over us, as we were a legal, government-sponsored expedition…” And in the end he added:
“…there might be some investigation into the number of life jackets.”
The captain thus decided not to pres charges."


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