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Martina Cole: Psanci, Útěk - anglicky

Kategorie: Evropská literatura od 20. století

Typ práce: Obsahy a rozbory děl

Další díla spisovatele: Martina Cole

Škola: nezadáno/škola není v seznamu

Charakteristika: Práce se stručně věnuje biografii spisovatelky Martiny Cole a následně rozebírá její 2 díla - The Runaway (Psanci) a The Jump (Útěk), a to z hlediska děje a tématu. Nechybí názor autorky práce na každou z knih.


Biografie Martiny Cole
Kniha Psanci (The Runaway)
Děj knihy
Téma knihy
Vlastní názor autorky
Kniha Útěk (The Jump)
Děj knihy
Vlastní názor autorky


"She is a British contemporary author who was born in 1958 in Essex where she also brought up. She has written 13 novels (from 1992 to 2006). Her first novel, DANGEROUS LADY, was an instant bestseller and became a successful TV drama series.
Martina is my favourite writer because she describes London’s crime underworld and it’s very interesting and catchy for me.

The Runaway :
- published in 1997
- novel
- action : This book is about Cathy Conor and it describes all her life from a childhood
to an adulthood. She had an unhappy childhood because she lived with her mother, who was a prostitute, and also with mother’s boyfriend and his son Eamon who wasn’t only a stepbrother for her. Finally Cathy’s mother was arrested so she had to grow up in a children’s home. But she escaped from there and she started to live with her new friend – a drag. Even she was married and she had a daughter but she still had contact with her long-standing lover Eamon. She wanted to be with him but he had problems with a maffia. Finally, Cathy is mugged because of Eamon and now she is in a coma in a hospital…
- theme : Cathy’s lifetime – despite of her bad childhood she managed to do the rest of her life satisfied
- my opinion : This story held my interest because there were many actions and also because it was from a real life. This book is writing to details.

The Jump :
- 1995
- novel
- action : Donna Brunos lived very well – with her loved husband Georgio and a chambermaid in a beautiful luxurious villa. But the satisfied life ended when Georgio was arrested for a raid on the bank. Donna was heart-broken and she didn’t know what to think. But her husband manipulated her so she believed that he wasn‘t guilty and even she helped him to escape. While she was planing the runaway she got to know more about Georgio’s activities – a contraband trade with drugs, a pornography with children. Donna wanted to stop the runaway but it was too late."



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