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Oscar Wilde: Obraz Doriana Graye - anglicky

Kategorie: Evropská literatura do 20. století

Typ práce: Obsahy a rozbory děl

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Charakteristika: Text seznamuje s obsahem románu Obraz Doriana Graye anglického dramatika Oscara Wilda. Nejdříve uvádí životopisná data autora, poté představuje knihu. Věnuje se popisu děje a charakteristice postav.


Oscar Wilde
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"Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie Wills Wilde, born 16. October 1854 in Dublin and died 30. November 1900 - Paris. Son of the prestige Irish surgeon and successful authoress, also known as the “Speranza”. He lived his life in luxury, studied on the Oxford University where he met decadent society which influenced him. He lived a free life, often full of shocking prudish, hypocritical morality of higher levels of Victorian England. After charged with homosexuality, he changed his name and travel around Europe; he died in poor conditions in France.
His novel: The picture of Dorian Gray, it is the only published novel. It was many times changed, rewrite and add some chapters. Novel with horror, gothic and Faust elements. Decadent and homosexuality in this book was criticized.
The story begins when a talented painter – Basil Hallward – introduced a young man – Dorian Gray – to his friend: Lord Henry. Basil worshiped Dorian so much, that he draws him a beautiful portrait. It was so beautiful that Dorian, after a talk with Lord Henry about his stances about word, makes a horrible wish. He wished that getting old will influenced not him, but the painting. From the portrait it turns into a mirror of Dorian’s soul. Dorian’s face and body were still young but sins and horrible crimes what he did; turn the Dorian’s picture into horrible, nasty looking person. Dorian takes drugs, drink a lot of alcohol and deal with people from the lowest level of society. He murdered his friend Lord Henry after he revealed his awful secret. At the end, in the stroke of madness, he stabbed the painting and by doing this, he killed also himself.
English critique the masterpiece resolutely refused, and attacked for elements of homosexuality and violence. It is a novel of human problems, experiment with conservative middle-class society. In his piece Oscar Wilde, presented a lot of ideas of his philosophy. His main keynote was to riches ordinary life with art. "



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