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Oscar Wilde: Obraz Doriana Graye - charakteristika hlavní postavy anglicky

Kategorie: Seminárky/referáty z literatury, Seminárky/referáty z literatury

Typ práce: Ostatní

Škola: nezadáno/škola není v seznamu

Charakteristika: Tento text anglicky shrnuje vlastnosti Doriana Graye a ty dějové pasáže, které je mají ukázat. Zamýšlí se nad rolí ostatních postav v Dorianově vývoji - lorda Henryho, Basila a Sibyly Vaneové. Poslední část děje, od chvíle, kdy dojde k setkání Doriana s bratrem Sibyly, již není v textu zastoupeno.


Dorian očima Basila Hallwarda
Dorian a lord Henry Wotton
Dorianova změna
Strach z toho, čím se stal
Obraz přebírá hříchy
Život po smrti Sibyl Vaneové


„ Because of Lord Henry, Dorian becomes increasingly heartless, indulging in every kind of pleasure, whether moral or immoral. He seems to be in love with a young actress Sibyl Vane, who, overcome by her emotions for Dorian, decides that she can no longer act, wondering how she can pretend to love on the stage now that she has experienced the real thing. However, Dorian cruelly breaks his engagement with her, and notices his face in Basil’s portrait has changed into a grin. The same night, Sibyl destroys herself. In fact, this is the first real sin of Dorian – or caused by him, to be more precise.
Frightened his wish for the likeness in the portrait to bear terrible effects of his behaviour has come true, panic-stricken his sins will be recorded on the painting, Dorian resolves to visit Sibyl the next day. Nevertheless, Lord Henry brings him news about Sibyl’s suicide. The “better side” of Dorian’s soul is shaken. However, Lord Henry persuades Dorian that her death impersonates a sort of artistic triumph. In his view, Dorian stops thinking about the tragedy; but yet he hides his portrait in a secret place in his house, because he knows he is really guilty since that day.
In the course of time, the portrait ages and spoils instead of Dorian, who continues to live in a shocking lifestyle. Dorian’s old friend Basil dies while trying to help the sinner. After showing the old work to the artist, Dorian picks up a knife and murders his only close companion. This represents the second murder in Dorian’s life – on the opposite to the first one, this is caused personally by the sinner.
The hands on the picture are covered by blood. Dorian determines to hide forever this monstrous mirror of his soul. Perhaps qualms of conscience, perhaps sackcloth and ashes causes that – at last - Dorian realises he was wrong to have followed Lord Henry's lore. He decides to make amends and to raise above all the cynicism that cut the beauty of life to pieces. The answer to this decision is cunning appearance of the portrait. It proves Dorian’s attempts at reform were shallow in fact. Dorian intends to rid himself of his terrible sins by destroying the portrait and he stabs the canvas. In that moment, all the gruesomeness of the portrait returns into the body of Dorian, whose heart is transfixed…“



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