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The Collector - John Fowles

Kategorie: Evropská literatura od 20. století

Typ práce: Obsahy a rozbory děl

Škola: Univerzita Hradec Králové Pedagogická fakulta, Hradec Králové

Charakteristika: Práce obsahuje stručný rozbor díla Sběratel od J. Fowlese v anglické jazyce.


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"I have chosen to write my essay about a book called The Collector. This book was written by a famous British writer John Fowles. He is mainly known for his three best known and widely read books named The Magus, The French Lieutenant's Woman and already mentioned The Collector. I have read this book about five years ago and it is still kept in my mind. Many times I remember the scenes form the book and its plot. This was also one of the reasons why I have decided to write the essay about this book. I have also used this occasion to read the book again. Now it is going to stay in my mind forever, I think.
The book The Collector was written by John Fowles in the year 1963 and it has become a great hit. Two years later, in 1965, the book was also made into a film which was again a great success. I have not had an opportunity to see the film yet; however the book has interested me a lot.
The book The Collector can be classified as a genre of thriller, sometimes maybe also as a horror. There can be find elements which causes the feelings of tension, anxiety but also the feelings of fear when the reader is wondering what will happen next with the main character and how the collector Clegg next time towards her will behave."



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